The Permaculture initiative, known as Zokolola, is located near to Never Ending Food. This weekend they held a music festival to help showcase local talent. One of Permaculture’s main ethics is ‘People Care’, and it is important to remember that social gatherings, the arts, and community events are all a part of this ethic.

Zokofest brought together a very diverse group of participants to listen to music, comedy, and spoken-word poetry. In addition, there were many local vendors selling arts and crafts and a wide variety of local cuisine. People also had a chance to participate in yoga, CrossFit, games, campfires, camping, and more.

The gardens at Zokolola are are also thriving! They have been doing a great job getting zone-1 veggie gardens established, zone-2 orchards, zone-3 coffee production (intermixed with agroforestry species), and plenty of zone-4 woodlots. Their implementation has only been taking place for a little over a year, so their progress is quite remarkable! Keep up the great work!