Zaleka Visit Dec 2017 203a

Never Ending Food hosted a visit of about 30 refugees from the Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa, Malawi.  Representing displaced people from various countries in the region, the tour was conducted in English and translated into Swahili.  The participants were able to witness–first hand–the amazing potential and benefits that Permaculture design can provide for people (no matter where we come from or where we end up)!  Due to the large size of the group, we broke into two smaller groups, one being led by Never Ending Food‘s Manager, Peter Kaniye, and one led by Never Ending Food Co-founder, Kristof Nordin.  We were able to show the group the basics of designing (e.g. guilds, zones, soil and water management, animal management, etc.), as well as various sustainable technologies (e.g. composting toilets, worm farming, paper briquettes, solar drying, rainwater harvesting, compost making, mulching, etc.)  The group was very inspired by what they saw and vowed to begin implementing these ideas at the refugee camp to address issues of food security, nutrition, and the reduction of poverty.  Below are some pictures from the day: