The Class of ‘Graduates’!

Malawi has eleven newly trained and certified Permaculture Designers!  The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) was facilitated by Kristof with Luwayo Biswick acting as an assistant facilitator.  This was Luwayo’s second PDC as an assistant and each time he is gaining more experience and responsibilities in order to build up his own skills as a trainer.  This PDC was funded by a local non-profit organization known as ‘E3 Worldwide’ (Educate, Empower, Employ) and was held at a local college called ‘African Bible College’.  The E3 project is working in an area of Malawi called Dowa and is currently in the process of building a school which they would like to also use as a Permaculture demonstration area for the members of that community.  Big plans are underway to install solar panels, build an aquaponics system, harvest water, build a methane biodigester and re-design the entire area in line with Permaculture principles.  Eight of the eleven participants came from this project, two were Peace Corps Volunteers who are working in the north of the country and one participant was from the urban area ofLilongwe,Malawi’s capital city.  Thanks again to all who made this training a reality and best of luck to all the participants in their implementation efforts!