We had a wonderful visit this week from about 20 primary school students of the village of Chikhawo. This visit was arranged by two Belgian volunteers who were able to arrange a minibus to carry all the students as well as bringing a lunch which the students cooked here at Never Ending Food.  Our Permaculture Manager, Hardwell, introduced the children to the Permaculture concepts of diversified nutrition, Malawi’s 6-food group model, composting toilets, solar drying, paper briquette making, planting in guilds, water harvesting, integrated pest management, worm farming, composting, and more.

Judging by all the smiles and laughter it seems that the kids had a great time.  Another visit with a new group of students is already being planned!  Thanks to Katrien, Samson, and Hardwell for making this such a successful and educational opportunity for these students.