Luwawa Forest Lodge

Luwawa Forest Lodge is located on the Viphya Plateau in northern Malawi. This idyllic lodge borders a small lake and offers wonderful opportunities for hiking, biking, bird watching, and simply enjoying nature. The lodge owners have taken an interest in using Permaculture ideas to benefit the lodge and its surroundings. Over the years, Never Ending Food has provided guidance and advice on how to make the gardens more diverse and productive. Much of the garden produce is used in their restaurant menu.

The lodge also does a lot of community outreach and have recently completed a brand new Environmental Interpretation Center. The owners of the lodge requested Never Ending Food to consult on how Permaculture designs could be better integrated into the areas around this new site. The center has already installed solar power, and have plans to include wind turbines and a mini-hydroelectric generator.

As part of this process, Never Ending Food conducted an assessment, complete with a mapping and design phase. Our recommendations took into consideration the needs of the center, along with some of the long-term goals of the site. The following is a report that we put together for the lodge based on our findings:

The lodge itself is surrounded by natural beauty and it is well worth the visit. The following are a few pictures from the area:

All donations go directly towards helping to spread Permaculture solutions throughout Malawi. Every little bit helps, and even a little can go a long way!