PDC Graduation
PDC Graduation

Malawi graduated another class of certified Permaculture Designers.  This year’s PDC was held at Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology, and was comprised of 7 local and international participants.  This group represented people who are working with food security, nutrition, income generation, wildlife conservation, organic agriculture, and ecotourism.  We had participants who are working in Malawi in Kasungu National Park, the Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi, Dzaleka refugee camp, and local health projects, along with representatives of eco-tourism from the Gambia and an agroecologist from Zimbabwe.

Design Presentations

The participants completed 72 hours of studies in the core curriculum of the internationally recognized Permaculture Design Course, which covers such issues as soil and water health, zones, guilds, animal management, building communities, architecture, energy, waste management, economic systems, observation, mapping, and design.  The participants also had a chance to take field visits to Garden’s Gate and Never Ending Food.

Visit to Never Ending Food
Visit to Garden’s Gate

It was a fitting tribute to certify this group of Designers on the very day that Bill Mollison, Father of Permaculture, passed away.  This visionary leader’s dream of creating a sustainable and equitable world will continue to flourish as thousands upon thousands of people throughout the world each year turn to the principles of Permaculture to guide households, businesses, farms, and communities to achieve this dream.

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