Kusamala PDC 2015 292a

Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology has just completed another fantastic Permaculture Design Course (PDC)!  This was a truly international group of people with participants coming from Malawi, Somalia, Germany, America, and Austria.  Kristof Nordin, from Never Ending Food, was brought on to assist with the facilitation of this course.

Kusamala PDC 2015 080a

The course followed the international curriculum for a 72-hour PDC and covered a wide range of topics from Permaculture principles to the hands-on application of these principles.  All 17 participants worked very hard to earn their certificates and they should be very proud to now call themselves internationally certified Permaculture Designers!

We hope that this latest batch of Designers will be able to apply their newly acquired Permaculture skills to every situation in every country that they come from.  All the best in the future!

Kusamala PDC 2015 177a