Zokolola – A place of wellbeing

Zokolola is a Permaculture site near Never Ending Food which is designing a diversified eco-business model. In Chichewa, ‘zokolola’ means productivity or abundance. The couple who own the site, Maxine and Richard Beech, have been working to implement their vision for about two years. They hired three former interns from Never Ending Food (Bright, Moses, and Baulin) to assist with their efforts.

In a short period of time, they have managed to set up diversified food production in zones 1-5, and they now share yields with their staff on a regular basis. Their production systems are completely organic, diversified, and maintain the resilience of Permaculture guilds. They create their fertility on site through a combination of intercropping legumes, making compost, worm farming, mulching, and composting toilets. Small animal production (chickens and doves) also help to provide nutrition for both humans and the soil.

Their business model is as diversified as their food production, with an emphasis on CrossFit training and health/spa/wellbeing services. This year they have also begun implementing coffee and mushroom production.

We had a wonderful time visiting Zokolola this week to see the amazing progress! Keep up the great work!

All donations go directly towards helping to spread Permaculture solutions throughout Malawi. Every little bit helps, and even a little can go a long way!