Never Ending Food Manager, Peter Kaniye, teaching about Zone 3

Never Ending Food was honored to host about 20 people from Chingalire Village. This village has adopted a rural homestay model of ecotourism, which allows guests to have an immersive glimpse of village life. With the help of the popular Malawian musician, Ben Michael Mankhamba, this village now offers accommodation, activities, workshops, and live music.

This visit was arranged by a lady named Alexandra Poncet, who has been involved with the ‘Mud and Leaf‘ architectural design company in Blantyre, Malawi. They specialize in the use of bamboo in the making of architectural structures, composting toilets, furniture, and more. Alexandra has been helping the Chingalire community with architectural and sustainable design ideas.

Learning about fish farming

Chingalire Village has also reached out to a nearby organization, Green Growth Development, who uses syntropic agriculture as part of their business model. Just what is syntropic agriculture? According to the Permaculture group Porvenir: “Syntropic Farming is an innovative approach to regenerative agriculture which allows us to create dynamic, successional, and economically viable ecosystems that restore degraded soil biodiversity. By understanding and respecting nature’s complex system, Syntropic Farming imitates the natural regeneration of forests and provides a harmonious integration of our food production systems.” Members from Green Growth Development also joined the tour at Never Ending Food, and the Chingalire Village group members will be visiting their site in the next few weeks.

Learning about liquid manure

The group had a full tour of Never Ending Food, learning about things like Permaculture guilds, Permaculture zones, composting toilets, worm farming, liquid manure, rainwater harvesting, and many other design ideas. The participants were extremely excited, and I have a feeling that it’s not the last that we will be seeing or hearing from Tingathe!

On their way to begin implementing new ideas!

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