PDC Visit Sept 2017 003a

The Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology is currently running a 2-week Permaculture Design Course (PDC).  As part of this course, the participants took a field visit to Never Ending Food where they could see, first-hand, many of the Permaculture principles that they are learning about.  Never Ending Food‘s Permaculture Manager, Peter Kaniye, and our new intern, Jacob Jumpha, led the tour and were able to demonstrate such Permaculture ideas as: guilds, zones, soil restoration, water harvesting, renewable energies, eco-sanitation, vermiculture, fish farming, beekeeping, sustainable architecture, food preservation, animal management, seed saving, and highly-nutritious diversified cropping systems.

PDC Visit Sept 2017 012a

Permaculture Design begins with the process of observation and the mapping of existing resources.  It then moves on to the creation of a design which takes into account using these existing resources to their fullest potential and striving to meet the needs of the specific site.  These needs may vary depending on whether the design is being created for a home, school, business, or large-scale farm.  During their PDC, the participants are all working on creating designs for various sites throughout Malawi.  We hope that many of the ideas that they learned at Never Ending Food will be able to be incorporated into these plans for a sustainable future.  All the best!