Never Ending Food Manager, Peter Kaniye, describing Permaculture designs at his house.

This week we had a visit to Never Ending Food by students from the Bishop Mackenzie International School (BMIS) in Lilongwe.  These are all year-11 students who are doing an 8-week unit on sustainability.  They will be developing projects for the eight weeks which focus on the theme of ‘sustainability’, and may include issues of climate change, agricultural production methods, food security, poverty reduction, nutrition, energy use, waste management, pollution, animal management, value-added products, water management, etc.

Looking at Zone 3 transition ideas to make maize fields more nutritious and sustainable.

During their visit to Never Ending Food, we tried to expose them to as many different solution-based ideas as possible.  We are hoping that this gives them some inspiration for the creative designing of their school projects.  They were exposed to ideas such as worm farming, fish farming, water harvesting, diversified planting systems, natural medicines, sustainable building, organics, composting toilets, solar drying, and how to use the concepts of ‘guilds and zones’ for the creation of sustainable Permaculture designs.

Making use of the brand new Permaculture Discovery Center!

This was just the first of several visits which have been planned for the group.  In addition to learning about Permaculture, they will also be visiting a bamboo farm which makes biochar, a farm practicing conservation agriculture, and an industrial hemp project.  This is just the first of three groups who will be visiting, and we wish them all the best in their continued studies!