On June 25th, 2011, Kristof completed a 12-day Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with Children of the Nations (COTN).  COTN is a faith-based international organization that works in seven countries assisting orphans and vulnerable children.  COTN Malawi has really made an effort to become more sustainable in their approaches and, as a result, hired Kristof to facilitate the 12-day PDC for ten of its staff and support people.  These people work in three different sites within Malawi.  The main office is located just outside of the capital city of Lilongwe and contains the admin unit, a secondary school, and lots of space for Permaculture and functional landscaping to take place.  The second area is a bit further up the road and is an orphan care centre with 35 children.  It has an extensive irrigation system that is already in place along with over 800 chickens!  (What valuable resources for Permaculture to take advantage of!)  The third area is close to the Zambian border and consists of a 300-acre woodland/farm that will be providing food and income for the entire project.  We are expecting great things to grow out of this PDC and for further positive changes to come from Children of the Nations.