This section offers a wide variety of tools and resources for helping Permaculture Design Facilitators conduct successful trainings. Permaculture trainings can range from introductory 1-hour sessions all the way up the internationally recognized 72-hour (12 day) certification course. Generally, it is recommended that after people have received a certificate in Permaculture Design, they practice hands-on implementation for a minimum of two years before training others at a certificate level. Malawi has tried hard to maintain international standards for all Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs). While introductory trainings may offer certificates of participation, a certificate in Permaculture Design is reserved for those who go through a full 12-day design course.

The resources offered in this section may be used for free in both introductory, as well as full PDCs. Use the side-bar menu in this section to explore the full range of materials. Enjoy, and we hope that you find these tools beneficial. Make sure that your also download the full Sustainable Nutrition Manual, along with the Permaculture Posters, Nutrition Posters, and Brochures.

All donations go directly towards helping to spread Permaculture solutions throughout Malawi. Every little bit helps, and even a little can go a long way!