announcement SNM2 2016.06The second edition of the Sustainable Nutrition Manual was endorsed by Malawi’s Agriculture Technology Clearing Committee (ATCC) and can now be downloaded at:

Link to Sustainable Nutrition Manual (second edition) 2016 June

You can also download the presentation I gave to the ATCC through the link. After the presentation I took part in the discussion until a decision was made. It was a very positive discussion around permaculture as a design tool that puts multiple sustainable technologies together into a system, which is often the missing piece in Malawi.

There is only large version available at the moment (ideal for printing). We are working on smaller online versions with active document links, larger posters and eventually a facilitator’s manuals, handouts, flyers and brochures that were part of the first version.

Enjoy using it – share your experiences back with us as guided in the manual to: the Ministry of Agriculture, the funders (WFP), the author (Stacia) and/or on the social media sites highlighted in the manual

Link to the permanent page for the Sustainable Nutrition Manual