July – The Natural classroom is DONE

It took a few meetings in June with the school and building team, then just a week to do the actual building process once all the materials were in order.  The lead builder took magnificent pictures with my camera and you can see the  process  on our Never Ending Food Facebook page.

THANK YOU to all that provided support!  We will be raising funds to: assist some local entrepreneurs, teach sustainable building in our village and re-build houses at the same time, hold training sessions, build composting toilets and more, so please visit our donations page if you are interested in supporting activities.

26 April:  We’ve reached the goal! There was a meeting with the school last week and I met briefly with the lead builder. We’ll start our detailed discussions and keep you posted on progress.  Thanks to all of you who provided support, financial and/or morale, both are appreciated!

Those who are still interested in providing financial contributions are welcome to do so for the other projects that we have coming up which will include:  Sustainable buildings at Never Ending Food for the 6 families who live with us; Composting toilets;  Sponsorships for education – and much more! Please visit our donations page to make a contribution.

15 April:  The first few days of our campaign have been very successful!  We are now only 195 USD away from reaching our goal!  THANK YOU to each of you who have contributed thus far.  There is a meeting with the Nkhata Bay Education leadership on Friday and we hope to be able to tell them the funds are in and they can start implementing.

10 April: We are helping to collect funds to build a sustainable classroom for one of our best performing schools in Malawi.  The classroom will be built with mud and thatch technologies that are easy to maintain (to look like the picture here).  

The funds will pay for a team of builder-trainers to come to the school for a week to work with the school community to build the new classroom.

I visited the school with the Ministry of Education and Agriculture last week and we gave the school a score of 93 percent for School Health and Nutrition performance – the only school we’ve ever given such a high score in the short time that the School Health and Nutrition programme has been running.  We were AMAZED at their progress.

We need to raise 100,000 mk (approximately 700 USD) which means finding 10 people to contribute 10,000 (70 dollars) or 20 people to contribute 5,000 dollars (35 dollars).   We already have 5 people that have donated locally and we are 147 USD closer to our goal!

If you are able to contribute, we now have a Pay Pal system in place as well as other methods to send donation.  Please visit our donations page to make a contribution.