2013.02.07 wesm st clouds kidsA few updates for you.  We’ve now made a dropdown list under donations so that we can populate it with pages on funds that you’ve provided to NEF over the years.  We’ve put blog posts up in the past, but now you have to go scroll down to never never land to get to the updates.  We thought it would be good to bring them back up to the top.  If you are one of the donors to the project you’ve also gotten more detailed personal updates to your e-mail box, but this area is for the world to know what the support has done.

WESM Permaculture Schools, Blantyre City

Stacia visited the Blantyre WESM Schools Coordinator this week and added pictures and a short update here: https://neverendingfood.org/donations/school-permaculture-wesm-blantyre/  2013.02.07 wesm st clouds plot up

March 2013:  We  raised enough to send Ausward to the course in Nkhata Bay!   He is there now.

AODA Kahelere School Nutrition, Mzimba

The support for this is coming from an award from the American Overseas Dietetic Association.  Right now we are having a lot of discsusion between the Board of the other organization also supporting the school, the school management and ourselves as the new Nutrition support coming in.  We hope to get nutrition activities integrated into what they are already doing by May.  Uupdates are at:  https://neverendingfood.org/donations/international-project-award-kahelere-primary/