The White House Turning ‘Green’

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of a group of people from the University of Massachusetts, Permaculture has won the ‘Campus Champions Challenge of Change‘ and will be heading to the White House to be honored as ‘Champions of Change’ and to accept an award for their innovative and sustainable use of Permaculture Principles.  Well done to the UMass team and to everybody that helped to support this effort!

First Lady Michelle Obama has been tirelessly trying to bring the Organic movement to the national attention for the last four years, but has faced several challenges, including her husband, President Obama’s, appointments of several Monsanto representatives to high level USDA and Food Safety positions within the government.  We need to let our politicians know that approaches such as Permaculture and Organics are not just for the backyard anymore!  These solutions are readily available, applicable for commercial-level production, and are simply waiting for leadership to get them implemented at the household, community, national and global levels.