Over the years, there has been growing interest from individuals, groups, schools and organisations to visit Never Ending Food to learn more about the use of Permaculture Design Principles.  What began as implementation of Permaculture ideas around the Nordin’s personal home has grown into a 3-acre demonstration site, which now accommodates up to 2-3 groups per week.  As the frequency and size of these groups has been increasing, so too has Never Ending Food’s need to expand our capacity for the hosting of these groups.   In response to this increased demand, Never Ending Food has recently broke ground on an ambitious new project to build a large outdoor classroom, called the ‘Permaculture Discovery Centre‘.

PDC-Top ViewWe are working with a local team of sustainable builders who have come up with a wonderful design for the building.  The aim is to make the classroom itself a demonstration of sustainable building materials and technologies.  The walls will be comprised of a combination of rammed earth and ‘super-adobe’, the roof will be a blend of thatching and woven bamboo, and the lighting will take advantage of natural sunlight with glass bottles integrated into the wall.  There will be a lockable storage room that will accommodate Never Ending Food’s food and resource display, which will be able to be rolled out into the teaching area when groups visit.  Seating for groups will be made up of auditorium-style rammed earth tiers that should be able to seat between 40-50 people.  We are extremely excited about this project and we sincerely hope that it will help with the dissemination of Permaculture ideas in Malawi.
If you would like to help support this project financially, please feel free to click on our PayPal tab, or follow the link by clicking here. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated (and put to good use).

PDC-Side View

We have added a page on our site to highlight the progress of this build, so watch for updates!

Measuring the foundation

Billy – Measuring the foundation with his team (there are women on the team as well!)

Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground