Never Ending Food has recently hired a full-time Permaculture Manager.  His name is Luwayo Biswick and he is literally “one in a million!”  Luwayo began visiting Never Ending Food about two years ago and showing interest in the Permaculture activities that he was observing.  He began to ask for some seeds and cuttings and then extended an invitation for Stacia and I to come and see his village.  After some persistence by Luwayo, Kristof  finally consented to come and visit his home.  He was blown away!  Luwayo had completely transformed the  house where his mother and father live and had also convinced the chief that Permaculture seemed like a good idea.  Now, you can barely see his parent’s house through all of the food, and the chief’s house has also become wall-to-wall food with the surplus being sold in the local market.  For more information on Luwayo Biswick’s village please click here.

Luwayo Biswick

Since the initial visit to Luwayo’s village, we strongly encouraged him to try to become certified in Permaculture Design to help give him a better idea of the design process.  He made arrangements with Nature’s Gift Permaculture training center to attend a 12-day course on a study-for-work agreement.  He volunteered his time at the center, attended the course, and in return received his certificate.

Currently, Luwayo has been helping to manage the activities at Never Ending Food.  He has helped to supervise the implementation of the designs of three local youth that have recently completed their design course (watch for the future posting),  whose final project was to map and design a new piece of land that was acquired by Never Ending Food.  The best of all three designs were then compiled into one ‘master plan’ and was implemented now during the rainy season.

One day a week has been reserved for Luwayo to do ‘community outreach’,  so he has recently been assisting and teaching at a local orphan care center, known as Children of the Nations.  This center has a secondary school and they also provide literacy training to about 60 women from the village.  Luwayo has been working directly with these women as well as with one of the gardeners to help this center become more productive and implement various Permaculture strategies.

Luwayo Biswick has been a wonderful blessing for us here at Never Ending Food and has already assisted a great deal in extending our influence and teaching to the greater community.  Welcome and keep up the great work!