Jacob teaching in his garden

Meet Jacob Jumpha, a 15-year old, standard seven, boy from Chalira village.  Jacob began learning about Permaculture from observing the implementation that was going on at Luwayo Biswick’s village of Maulana.  He began to ask for some cuttings and seeds from Luwayo’s of plants that he didn’t have.  He dug a pit at his house and got his parents to start putting all of their sweepings and other organic matter into it to make compost.  Jacob’s father is the chief of the village, so his efforts are really gaining recognition quickly.  The Jumpha family has a pen for pigs and chickens in which they also have access to animal manure.  Jacob has planted shade trees for the animals near this pen and used the roof to support climbing plants.  Jacob has also designed a sheltered area for his parents to sit and chat in the shade of natural vines such as loofa sponges, beans, and passion fruits.  Despite his young age, Jacob seems to

Jacob's pig pen with natural shade

be a natural teacher and a creative thinker. 

Sisal Sandal designed and made by Jacob

When Luwayo Biswick had mentioned to Jacob that we can be using natural resources to make all sorts of things, including shoes, Jacob took it upon himself to design a sandal made from the natural string of the sisal plant.  Stacia and I have been showing natural shoes to people for years as part of our food display, and Jacob is the first person that we have seen take the idea and create something on his own…Way to go Jacob!  Watch this space as we continue to showcase this latest rising star and hope for Malawi’s future!