A big congratulations to Thoko Njoka who has completed her attachment from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) Bunda College, Horticulture Department, with NeverEndingFood and received her certificate in Permaculture Design!

As part of learning, Thoko participated in coursework, theory, practicals, and site visits. She learned about a wide variety of ways to feed the soil, manage water, diversify diets, and manage animals. She was also introduced to Permaculture concepts such as guilds and zones, which allowed her to create a map and a design for her family home. She gave a wonderful presentation on how she intends to use these design ideas to make this homestead more sustainable, productive, and resilient.

Never Ending Food‘s manager, Peter Kaniye, worked with Thoko over the month of July to make sure that she was getting exposure to all of the core curriculum components of an international Permaculture Design Course (PDC). Their site visits included outings to the Area 25 health center in Lilongwe, Goodfellow Phiri (who is the Director of Environmental Industries, which converts human urine to bionitrate fertilizer), and Zokolola, another local Permaculture initiative.

We have really enjoyed having Thoko as part of the Never Ending Food family, and we wish her all the best as she returns to her horticultural studies!