A big congratulations are in order for our two latest interns, Yamikani Chabwera (left) and Megrina Edson (right)! These two ladies are teachers in our community who became interested in Permaculture. They spent the last three weeks of their school holiday going through the Permaculture Design Course (PDC) with our Manager, Peter Kaniye. They are now certified and ready to start implementing!

For their final presentation, they created designs for a plot of land that has been previously used as a maize field. The land is owned by a friend of theirs and they are hoping to present their ideas to show the landowner how the area can become more productive and profitable. They split the land into two sections and each came up with separate designs which incorporate human dwellings, composting toilets, fruit orchards, woodlots, animal husbandry, staple fields, and more.

Both Yamikani and Megrina have stated that they want to apply their newly gained knowledge of Permaculture around their schools and their own homes. We wish them all the best as they return to their teaching duties this week!