Gail taking pics at a local dam

We recently had a visit from Gail Harland, whose family publishes the esteemed Permaculture UK Magazine.  Gail, a photographer, spent a month with us helping us to photo-document the wide variety of flora and fauna here at Never Ending Food.  We have currently counted over 200 different foods and over 50 natural medicines growing year-round, and we are continually trying to add more each year.  We are also finding more and more wildlife moving into the area including: birds, insects, reptiles, and mammals.  Some of the local children came to us the other day with a baby Bush-baby and we also found a Genet cat in our chicken

Permaculture Contest

coop!  Bad for the chickens, but a good indication of nature’s return!  We are hoping to use Gail’s pictures in the future to help us in the publishing of a field guide of Malawi resources as well as other visual aids and teaching resources.  Gail also conducted a ‘Permaculture Contest’ with the local children to quiz them on their knowledge of Permaculture principles.  The winners walked away with school supplies that Gail had brought with her from theUK.  Gail has gone on to visit a couple more Permaculture sites inMalawiand then will be returning to theUKat the end of this month.  We wish her the best in her journeys and want to say a huge ‘Thank You!’ for the assistance that she gave to Never Ending Food during her time here.